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Hi, I'm Derek, a small business SEO consultant, my ethical SEO services help Durham, NC companies reach the top of search results safely.

    Ethical SEO Marketing

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Small Business SEO Consultant

As we consult you on exactly how to outrank your competition for long-lasting passive organic lead generation, we'll also help your small business avoid common internet marketing pitfalls that it can't afford to fall prey to.

  • Generate Lasting Leads

    You'll learn how to passively generate long-lasting leads from organic search without breaking any of Google's rules, purchasing backlinks, or participating in webspam.

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    Rapidly Increase Exposure

    We'll help skyrocket your website to the top of search engine results, allowing you to easily and rapidly build up your brand as an online leader in your target market.

  • Avoid Costly Mistakes

    Self-proclaimed SEO specialists and sell-everything SEO agencies often times waste your marketing budget on hunches, rumors, false metrics, and unintended targets.

  • One-on-one Sessions

    Be proactive by first seeking advice from a professionally trained and tested search marketing strategist who can answer any and all of your small business SEO questions.


From Entrepreneurs to Entrepreneurs

We share only real, relevant, actionable, knowledge that you can apply in practice.

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    I'll work on your website's SEO for 8-9 hours
    Limited manual link building & reclamation
    Ongoing monitoring & re-optimization
    Simplified reporting & communication
    Content promotion
    Keyword research
    Blog content brief
    On-page SEO*
  • *On-page SEO Includes

    ● Site structure CWV, EAT, MUM● Passive backlink potential● Major error correction● Content optimization● Relevant Schema● Heading rewrites● Internal Linking● Heading Tags● Meta Tags● Alt Tags

Derek Cummings SEO Consultant in Durham, NC


We Care About Your Success

If you are an entrepreneur just getting online, you have two paths you can go down. You can either learn the hard way as you go or learn from others' mistakes. Let me take you down the second path.

━ Our Mission

To uncomplicate internet marketing for small businesses by providing easy-to-understand consulting, and only the best most relevant in-house internet marketing services in the triangle.

━ Our Vision

A world where competition and creativity are rampant, while webspam and plagiarism are things of the past.

It all started with a Smith Corona my grandmother picked up at the church thrift store. Over the past 15 years, I've made every internet marketing mistake under the sun. Today, SEO SEMPER helps small businesses avoid the same digital pitfalls with affordable, ethical, low-friction solutions.

Derek Cummings - SEO Consultant, Durham, NC

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Internet Marketing Pricing in the Research Triangle

Did you know that although SEO SEMPER is a top SEO company in Durham, NC we're 3x more affordable?

SEO pricing in Durham, NC

"When big businesses sell small business SEO, your SEO is likely to be just as terrible as it is overpriced!"

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Reaching your target audience may require a brand refresh.

Building a solid brand backed up by a modern website is now paramount as SEO and Web Design promise to coincide in 2021.

Core Web Vitals

"This signal measures aspects of how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page. Optimizing for these factors will contribute to business success on the web as users grow more engaged and can transact with less friction, especially on mobile."

- Google 2021


"Public relations and omnichannel promotion should be a focus, such as being active on YouTube, social media, blogging, conferences, and remarketing to build connections and long-lasting relationships."
-Neil Patel 2021

Mobile-first Indexing

Google's been slowly making the mobile version of websites their starting point for its index and the baseline for determining rankings. That's why our websites are not just "mobile-responsive," they are literally built for mobile-first and expand to larger screens as an afterthought.



Google has invested heavily since 2020 in its own spam-fighting AI that's highly effective at catching known and unknown trends in link schemes and on-page spam. In 2021 alone, Google has released two separate spam updates, so ethical SEO is going to be essential moving forward.

Derek from SEO SEMPER


Have any Questions?

We are happy to work with entrepreneurs of any scale.

  • What is an SEO consultant and what do they do?

    An SEO consultant is a marketer who provides professional advice to online businesses who are looking to optimize their websites so that they rank nearer to the top of search engines like Google. Small business SEO consultants specialize in helping primarily smaller organizations, or even bloggers, meet these same goals efficiently.

  • What does the SEO onboarding consist of?

    You'll need to sign up for Google Search Console and provide us with "restricted user access" that will grant us viewable rights.

  • What is your meeting format?

    I like to use Google meet, but a combination of phone calls and files can be arranged if that's more convenient for you.

  • Can we meet same day?

    If this is our first meeting I'll need at least 24 hours to compile SEO research in preparation for our initial session. Our schedule is set up to allow 24 hours for this research, so your welcome to simply select an available time and I'll take care of the rest. 

  • What should I expect?

    Without giving away too much, expect to be informed, and NEVER upsold. You will learn exactly what you need to do to target your audience, outrank the keyword competition in your unique market, and avoid common digital marketing pitfalls. At our recorded personal one-on-one sessions you can ask me absolutely anything related to marketing your business on today's search engines. For my monthly clients, this period will also be dedicated to progress reports.

  • What is ethical SEO?

    In a nutshell, ethical SEO consists of search engine optimization processes that abide by Google's quality guidelines, intellectual property rights, and a basic moral understanding of how to conduct business and deal with people on the internet. Webspam can not only cause your business its organic rankings and traffic, but it can also cause an irreversible public relations nightmare.

  • What's your rate?



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