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    We're not middle men, we conduct fresh niche research each and every time with absolutely no limits!

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    In an effort to combat spam and protect your domain, we verify the relevancy of both prospect pages and emails.

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    We use your email address to send highly personalized no pressure emails and properly timed followups.

Boundless Local SEO

SEO SEMPER is a search engine optimization company in Durham, NC that offers a full suite of SEO services, including on-site optimization, link building, and content marketing. But we're more than just an SEO agency, we're a complete digital marketing service built to handle your entire digital journey from website design and SEO, to social media marketing and video optimization. Under our umbrella of affordable internet marking services, we offer both local and national clients the tools and resources they need to improve their overall search engine rankings, increase traffic, and attract new business for less, no matter their physical location or service area reach.


Pick a Service

After choosing "Buy it now" you will be redirected to a short questionnaire unique to your purchase. This is where we gather any service-related prerequisites.


Fulfill Requirements

Next, you'll be alerted by email of an invoice available to pay inside our client portal. After we receive your payment we'll start working on your order immediately.


Await Delivery

You'll receive an email notification when your order has been completed, normally within 24 hours to 3 days, but up to 31 days for our citations and white hat outreach services.

DIY monthly SEO

Basic Monthly SEO


per month

● Local Rank Tracking For up to 25 Keywords 
● Keyword Research And Keyword Questions
● Competitor Analysis
● GMB Connect
● Passive SEO Setup
● Social Signal Subscription(1 Network)
● Basic Social Content Curation And Scheduling
● Up to 300+ Manual Local Citations And 50+ Niche Citations(On-going)
● Monthly Audit And SEO Analytics Reporting
● Ongoing Analysis And Monthly Email SEO Consulting
● Onsite 1 Page

DIY monthly SEO

EssentialMonthly SEO


per month

● Local Rank Tracking For up to 100 Keywords 
● Keyword Research And Full Content Brief
● Competitor Analysis
● GMB Connect
● Passive SEO Setup
● Social Signal Subscription(2 Networks)
● Basic Social Content Curation And Scheduling
● Up to 300+ Manual Local Citations And 50+ Niche Citations(On-going)
● Monthly Audit And SEO Analytics Reporting
● Ongoing Analysis And Monthly Email SEO Consulting
● Onsite 2 Pages
● Ongoing Site-wide Internal Linking Optimization(On-going)

essential monthly SEO

Monthly Business SEO


per month

● Local Rank Tracking For up to 200 Keywords
● Pro. 2k Word 5★ Blog Copywriting
● Competitor Analysis
● GMB Connect
● Passive SEO Setup
● Social Signal Subscription(2 Networks)
● Basic Social Content Curation And Scheduling
● Up to 300+ Manual Local Citations And 50+ Niche Citations(On-going)
● Monthly Audit And SEO Analytics Reporting
● Ongoing Analysis and Monthly Email SEO Consulting
● Onsite 4 Pages
● Ongoing Site-wide Internal Linking Optimization(On-going)
● Up to 5 YouTube Videos Optimized / Month
● Retargeting Ready
● Recurring PremiumFeatured Listing On Our Yelp Alternative Site

Internal Linking Research

Internal Linking RES


Strategic internal linking can provide a permanent rankings jump, passing on page authority from your better ranking pages to lesser ones. Our method uses Google's own relevance to find the optimal anchor text. Works on ANY platform!

complete website audit

Complete Website Audit


First, we'll analyse your website for every technical SEO issue known to man. Next, we'll use our very own eyes to recommend any user enhancements that can be made to improve SEO such as various bounce rate and CTR optimizations.

on-page SEO optimization

On-Page SEO Optimization


per hour

Services include but are not limited to:
● Heading Copywriting● Heading Tags● Meta Tags● Internal Linking● Competitor Analysis● Keyword Research● Content Briefs● Minor Content Expansion

social signal subscription

Social Signal Subscription


per month

You can now enjoy REAL social signals from influencers and their followers in niches just like yours! These are legit social signals that bring passive white hat backlinks, and real targeted traffic that converts to all your qualifying posts. We use MULTIPLE services to relentlessly promote your content.

YouTube SEO and rankings

YouTube SEO & Rankings


We can also help increase the visibility of your videos so you can take best advantage of this growing audience. Includes edits to your title, description, meta tags, hashtags and more. Up to 5 videos optimized and rankings for 250 keywords.

unlinked brand mentions

Unlinked Brand Mentions


If your anything like most businesses, then chances are that people on the internet have mentioned your brand name, but have forgotten to link back to you. We will help turn your unlinked brand mentions into brand-new shinny backlinks.

social proof automation

Social Proof Automation


per year

● 20,000 monthly visitors● Unlimited testimonials● Review Marketing● Testimonial wall & popups● Incentivised testimonials● Custom domain● No branding

web design support

Web Design Support


per hour

While we don't offer 100% customized start-finish web design in a traditional sense, we welcome you to try our free intuitive website builder at your leisure. We can always take over the reins at any time if you need help bringing your vision to life. You got this!

web design support

Landing Page Website


 We've found that a single webpage design, combined with a blog, can often help optimize for search by creating a more rich user friendly experience by eliminating clicks and load times.
● 1 Page● 2 Revisions● On-page SEO● From template● Your brand colors● Update with ease! 
Content and logos are not included and must be provided upfront. We may make modifications to your content for SEO. The price above does not include the required Premium Hosting Plan $99/yr

premium web hosting

Premium Web Hosting


per year

● Unlimited Google Cloud● Cache, minify, & CDN● Image optimization● Lazy load● Full SSL security● Rich snippets● Stock images ● Popular Integrations● Worry-free backups● Built-in CRM● Free tier

  • What is the passive SEO setup?

    We will add a couple of codes to your website in the back end that will encourage both in-text and image backlinks passively when combined with outstanding content, and at the same time enhance your site's rich snippets in search engine results pages.

  • How's the content curation and scheduling work?

    We'll find the best times to share your blog content with your audience, and when you have nothing to share, we can keep engagement up with targeted hand-curated fill in content.

  • How long do the local citations take?

    Due to the fact that we do this 100% manually with the utmost care, normally this will take quite a few months to complete and will slow down over time. It's different for every niche and every business so we can not give an accurate estimate, but as long as you're a customer we'll continue to search for and submit your site to relevant local citation sites that meet our strict quality criteria while avoiding duplication and ensuring NAP consistency.

  • What do you mean by "ongoing?"

    While our process simply repeats month-to-month for content and on-site work, certain steps are labeled "on-going." These are processes that need to be completed over time, oftentimes needing to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis each and every month. It's for this reason that we do not have exact monthly quotas for such items, however, progress will be noted on your monthly report.

  • What do you mean by retargeting ready?

    We can help better guarantee the conversion rate of your online ads by targeting visitors who've viewed certain parts of your website or your buyer optimized articles. This is accomplished by utilizing tracking pixels or cookies that follow the user around after they leave your website. While we don't create online ads, if you give us your pixel id we'll set up a custom domain-branded URL that you can put on your website to activate your pixels. You can learn more about how to set up Facebook's pixel here. Note: this offer is also available to our business hosting members.

  • Can I customize an SEO Package?

    Not at this time. Our goal with these monthly packages was to make buying monthly managed SEO easy and affordable. Often times our customers initially believe they need something that they don't, like buying backlinks, but after they sign up for our program they are made believers in our passive SEO strategies. It's only after this initial success, where we get all the little things right, that we can on a case-by-case basis, sprinkle a little bit of white-hat link building on top as a separate service. So for now, if you need something more custom, we recommend you buy our services individually.

  • Why doesn't the essential package include content?

    While we could include an average quality 500-word piece of content and leave out the social media aspect like our competitors, that wouldn't help your business. Instead, our focus for small business SEO is to help you build a powerful piece of engaging content that'll help your local pages rank and promote the daylights out of it!

  • When will I receive my first monthly report?

    Reports are delivered on the 1st of the first full month following your signup date, so if you sign up on January 1st, you'll get your first report on February 1st. However, if you sign up on let's say January 15th, we will not send you an invoice (due upon receipt) until open enrollment on February 1st, scheduling your first report for March 1st.

  • How does the monthly SEO consulting work?

    We'll email you monthly digital marketing suggestions based on your current progress, discoveries made with our own eyes, and of course your monthly report. To keep our prices competitive we do not offer phone support at this time, however, if you need urgent help with something a phone call can sometimes be arranged.

  • What is the GMB Connect service?

    If you don't already have our Social Proof Automation service, we'll ensure your business address is properly linked on your website to your Google My Business Page. Additionally, we'll check your GMB profile and offer optimization recommendations if there are any.

  • How can you offer more for less?

    Mainly for two reasons. One, we're controlling our costs and completing work in-house. Two, we're not inflating our costs by utilizing white-labeled SEO services.

  • Your services are affordable but are they quality?

    I can't stress this enough; if SEO SEMPER can't do it both better and for less, then we don't do it!

Do I really need local SEO Services?

If you've been neglecting your online marketing, including your social media presence, then chances are your competitors in the area have been cashing in on that fact. Studies have shown that close to 90% of all customers begin their buying process by way of some type of search engine, and roughly 75% of the clicks are going to occur in the top 3 positions. In fact, only 6% of searchers will click beyond the 1st search engine results page! What does this mean for you? If you're not on the first page of a typical local search, such as "Durham __", then your business might as well be invisible to everyone in that area! Given how fast the Research Triangle area is growing, it's not hard to imagine why local SEO is becoming so competitive. Luckily for you, we can help your Durham business reach the top of search results with ease.


As more people start to use apps such as Google Maps to find services near them, your local SEO visibility and online review quality is going to become paramount. Google Maps alone represents around 37% of review volume. If you want to capture social proof, and I think you do, then you'll need to be able to compete on these local platforms as these apps are indeed the future. Don't worry, you don't need an SEO consultant to get started, you can start for free by creating a Google My Business profile!

How to find an SEO expert in your local area

I'd recommend you first start by checking if your prospective agency is ranking in your target market.

How to check their search rankings

Start by Googling "YourCity SEO" and "SEO YourCity."

Durham SEO

What you'll notice, and this will change from time to time, is that the best options are consistently at the top of the search results. This is important to note because anyone can simply buy a slew of illegal backlinks for a temporary rankings boost, as this top-ranking Durham SEO company below did, but it's only a matter of time before their rankings tank, so don't let that be you!


Take online reviews with a grain of salt

While reviews can be a good indication of quality in areas where there are more tenured agencies, in newer or smaller markets like here in Durham they'll be less of a factor as the sample size will be smaller. Actually, there are quite a few reasons why online reviews should be less of a factor when ranking SEO companies. First, many SEO clients will leave positive reviews right away within the first months of service, then often will not take the time out of their day to update these reviews if/when things go south. This happens a lot with link sellers as their clients get amazing results at first glance, but later their rankings tank due to Google penalties. Second, oftentimes the only customers who are motivated enough to leave reviews in the first place are angry ones, so this can sometimes skew results. Lastly, the major SEO agencies make HUGE profits, which means they have unlimited resources to manufacture fake positive reviews and fight Google and Yelp over the bad ones.

Do they offer a satisfaction guarantee?

Beware of anyone promising position one rankings as these will be temporary, most link sellers will not be able to refund you, so look for money-back satisfaction guarantees instead of ranking guarantees.

Does your agency offer real value?

Beware of budget SEO services that outsource to countries like India, and big businesses who inflate your digital marketing costs by selling another agency's services via white label SEO. Need a number? A recent study showed that businesses who spent over $500/m for SEO services were 53.3% more likely to describe themselves as “extremely satisfied."

How much should I pay for SEO?

Source: Backlinko 2019

When big businesses sell small business SEO, your SEO is likely to be just as terrible as it is overpriced!

How to avoid SEO Scams and link penalties

When it comes to analyzing the quality and value of a typical SEO agency, some things are simply not as they seem.

No SEO experience necessary?

SEO changes so rapidly that what used to work then is not likely to work now. Before Google's massive crackdown on link schemes in 2012, older more "experienced" SEO agencies likely picked up a slew of bad habits that could put a business's rankings at risk of penalty.

Red flags to confront your "SEO Expert" with

The worst options are those who are not playing by Google's rules as seen in this excerpt taking from a ranking Durham SEO website:

We can create a network of locations that will endorse your site with backlinks so that Google will see your products or services.

    Link Building Quotas

"Niche Edits - Guaranteed Placement - Keyword Anchor." "Optimized backlinks."
Link Schemes Galore!
Also, look out for excessive internal links in footers, and other obsolete old-school SEO techniques such as meta keywords.

    500-750 Word Articles

"1 Webpage / Blog Copywriting." What you'll discover is that more often than not these are short and unengaging 500-word articles written by freelancers. In the link selling world, many services have started offering 750-word articles to try to slow Google's ability to detect them as a paid backlink farm. So instead, look for 2000-word articles written by professional writers.

    Social Links

"We'll provide social media links monthly." Nothing will ruin your online reputation quicker than social media spam! Passionate communities, like Reddit for example, can spot a marketer from a mile away, and boy oh boy will they make you pay for it! 
You can read more about link building red flags here.

Our SEO agency is different

We took a more holistic approach to search engine optimization by ensuring everything is working in harmony from the start to send positive signals to search engines. Our quality digital marketing solutions will establish and grow your online business both legally and efficiently no matter your location! You can trust our family-run team to treat your online presence as if it was our own. Furthermore, we and promise to never outsource or utilize another company's SEO services through white-label. This policy allows us to remain in complete control of your rankings, while at the same time ensuring the safety of your data.

Search Engine Optimization

We're here for YOU!

Founded in a small neighborhood right here in Durham, SEO SEMPER was built to help the little guy, the typical small business struggling to compete with the big box brands. Don't let your business fall into the desperation trap of expensive rank now suffer later schemes. There's absolutely no better time than now, during a worldwide pandemic, to let SEO SEMPER reduce your marketing expenditures and increase your online exposure, it's going to be a win-win!

Why Hire Us?

Your trusted digital consultant

  • You're in charge

    We're taking on sell-everything agencies with straightforward deliverables and no sales pitches. Unlike other agencies that nickel and dime you at every opportunity, we've included do-it-yourself tutorials alongside each of our quick-buy services. Have you tried our DIY website builder?

  • 100% White hat Outreach

    While other agencies can only try to make a backlink profile "look natural," selling you their latest outreach scam, we'll help you retain a strong natural backlink profile that'll never cause a link penalty. With your email address, you'll always have a record of legit outreach.

  • Small business friendly

    We understand that small businesses are often tight operations, we are one, that's why we've built SEO SEMPER to be both flexible and affordable! Because when big businesses sell small businesses SEO, your SEO is likely to be just as terrible as it is overpriced! 

  • Local SEO experts

    We have a track record of success assisting new Durham companies grow their businesses with the utmost efficiency. From proactively managing your online reviews to generating more qualified leads, our affordable SEO services will set you up for long-term success.

Feeling festive? Our AI-assisted tool can completely change web designs in a single click. No need to hire a professional for WordPress maintenance ever again, you got this!

Fire Your Web Designer

with our intuitive DIY website builder

    Unlimited Google Cloud Hosting

    Cache, minification, & CDN

    Image optimization & lazy load

    Full SSL security

    Rich snippets

    Stock images & integrations

    Worry-free backups

    Built-in CRM

    Built-in eCommerce

    A digital marketing team at your fingertips!