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An SEO Strategy for Small Business

Our passive link building process provides efficient SEO without the risk

Blog Copywriting & Blog-to-Video Conversion

After conducting comprehensive world-class keyword research, with on-page SEO in mind, an epic article is drafted complete with shareable insights and properly placed sales funnels. This is a 2k word professionally written, engaging, insightful, and well-researched blog post that will be sure to bring you traffic and conversions for many years to come. Once the content is complete, in order to take advantage of a growing audience, we'll start to create a promotional YouTube video for your article. Our promotional videos are roughly 5-15 minutes long and come complete with YouTube SEO, premium stock videos, and images.

Content Promotion
Social Media Marketing and Retargeting
Backlink Management
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Backlink Mgt.


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SEO Tailored to Small Business

Our monthly SEO plans are effective on their own or as an add-on to your current internet marking efforts.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis we're changing the way we do things

Focusing solely on our best most requested services, we're reinventing SEO SEMPER. While continuing our strive for best in-class "white hat" SEO, the new services will be both affordable and more easily accessible via a more traditional eCommerce solution. We're confident that this change will help us provide you with more cost-efficiency, while at the same time broadening our reach. In the meantime, we'll be testing out a few of our more popular products for individual sale. If there is anything else you need, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss availability.

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Durham SEO Pricing Comparison

In 2020 we quoted all local ranking SEO agencies in greater Durham, NC

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    Hourly Rate


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Local Average


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Durham SEO

Do I really need local SEO?

Raleigh-Durham has become among the fastest-growing markets in the country. These days it seems as if everyone is moving here! Let the hundreds of digital agencies in the triangle be a testament to the growing demand for SEO in the area. If you've been neglecting your local SEO then chances are your competitors in the area have been cashing in on that fact.
Studies have shown that close to 90% of all customers begin their buying process by way of some type of search engine. While roughly 75% of all clicks occur in the top 3 positions, only 6% of searchers will click beyond the 1st search engine results page! What does this mean for you? If you're not on the first page a typical local search, such as local "Durham" searches, then your business might as well be invisible to everyone in the area!

What can you do?

Firstly, you'll need to set up a Google My Business account and be sure to include the local service area your trying to rank for. You'll soon discover that your Google My Business listing, combined with testimonial automation, will become your most important local SEO strategy! Other than that, you can get started by making sure you have citations on any of the major local search engines that are applicable to your line of business such as Yelp, and TripAdvisor. Let's be clear, this isn't something you should be paying an agency for. It only takes a few minutes to set these up and you'll need access to message clients when they leave reviews. Please do not be fooled, although there is no value in low-quality citation sites, this fact will not stop agencies from selling you their listing services. For far too long SEO agencies have been taking advantage of the uninformed small business with their snake oil and overpriced white label SEO BS, but not anymore!

snake oil SEO

"According to a recent study, SEO Clients spending over $500/month were 53.3% more likely to consider themselves 'extremely satisfied' compared to people that spend less than $500/month."

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About Us

  • You're in charge

    Unlike other agencies that nickel and dime you at every opportunity. We'll build you a custom website that YOU can manage. Feeling festive? Our new AI-assisted tool can completely change designs in a single click!

  • Simplified Approach

    Absolutely no sales pitch here! Just a transparent, affordable alternative to the overcomplicated mess that is WordPress. We're taking on the overpriced snake oil SEO companies with straightforward prices and deliverables.

  • Efficiency

    Other agencies can only try to make your backlink profile "look natural" while they sell you their latest risky fake outreach scam. We'll help you obtain legit natural links and provide epic link reclamation services if ever you lose one!

  • 100% White hat

    We believe in real, permanent results, not cheap useless "rank now suffer later" scams. If you've been had by one of those rank-quickly schemes we can assist your domain in recovering from link penalties as well as negative SEO.

White Hat SEO


SEO SEMPER is a result of years of our own frustration dealing with constant WordPress issues, unreliable hosting providers, and amateur "voodoo SEO" that downright handicapped our side projects. When we discovered we could do a better job than those in which we were hiring, we discovered there was still a niche to be filled in this industry.


"I only got into this industry out of necessity, the fact that it affords me the opportunity to spend more time with my family is the reason I'm making a career out of it. Being able to help others avoid the same common digital pitfalls; that's just the icing on the cake."

Derek Cummings, Founder of SEO SEMPER

We're Different

    US Company

    No Social Links or Citations

    Local & Small Business Friendly


    No Contracts

    No link Selling



We are a small business friendly, family-owned, digital agency startup that specializes in helping businesses succeed online with cost-efficiency. We accomplish this through our unique web design and hosting solution that's designed to put you in the driver's seat, and by providing transparent month-to-month inbound marketing solutions that save you time, money, and headaches. SEO SEMPER was founded right here in Durham, North Carolina, but serves all major English speaking countries.

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When Big Businesses Sell Small Businesses SEO

Your SEO is likely to be just as terrible as it is overpriced!

We know it's challenging operating a business, we know you need SEO, and we know how confusing it can be trying to make sense of all the SEO sales jargon and snake oil out there. When businesses don't know where to start, they're often led down a rabbit hole of endless digital marketing scams and "sell-anything" digital agencies. As a result, small businesses can end up throwing away their precious marketing funds on false performance metrics and irrelevant adverts to unintended targets, while at the same time eating up their valuable time responding to unqualified leads.

Our competition is taking advantage of questionable shortcuts, shouldn't we?

Unfortunately, the penalty that comes from investing in the wrong SEO strategy will likely hit at the worst time. While it might not be today, the longer it goes on, the more investment is wasted. Luckily for you though, you have the opportunity to let your competitor be the one to fall down this rabbit hole, all the while you could be reaping the benefits of their plummeting rankings!

How to measure your SEO's worth

At the end of the day, if your SEO efforts are not converting more clicks into sales then where's the ROI!? 
What happens when a digital agency resells any and all white-label SEO services they can get their hands on? For starters, they'll have no idea what's actually going on behind the scenes because they are not actually doing the work. By knowingly or unknowingly participating in various link schemes, they're rolling the dice with your money, putting both their client's rankings and reputations at risk. If you try to confront them about this they'll simply sidetrack you with regurgitated sales jargon, senseless snake oil, and lame excuses that only leave you more broke and confused then when you started. In our opinion, selling white-label SEO should unqualify an agency to give SEO advice. As a small business, you can't afford bad SEO advice! We recommend you head over to Google's Quality Guidelines to see if your current SEO provider is compliant. You might find it interesting that we found many of our own competitors participating in link schemes involving their site footers, social link spam, low-quality directory citations, illegal guest posting and doorway pages as not only part of their own strategies, but as part of their client SEO process. Worst of all, over half of them were reselling white-label SEO, and by doing so, charging customers an unnecessary premium.

small business SEO scams

Small Business SEO Rule #1: First do no harm

We know small business owners are busy people. You don't have time to micromanage your SEO provider, and you can't afford to undo their mistakes. This is why we built SEO SEMPER to not only be "white-hat," but 100% compliant with Google's quality guidelines. This way you'll never have to worry about Google Penalties or an embarrassing public relations nightmare. Choosing the right SEO provider early on can be one of the most advantageous decisions a business can make when battling for local rankings. With that being said, we hope that our honesty and relentless dedication to quality will convince you to give us a try, these clients were glad they did!


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Small Business SEO Process

Key People

Derek Cummings

Derek Cummings


As a marketing major and an SEO consultant with over 13 years of webmaster experience, Derek oversees all company operations. He is also in charge of client accounts, SEO quoting, backlink management, PPC, reporting, and managing the company blog.


Jojen Cummings

Jojen Cummings


Overseeing our social video production and blog-to-video conversion, Jojen brings creative experience in social media video. She is also in charge of our Philippines team that assists with video production as well as assisting with our more routine tasks.


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Got Questions?

We've got answers.

  • Where are you located?

    We are located in Durham, NC.

  • What is your hourly rate?

    Our SEO consists of flat-rate month-to-month packages, otherwise, our rate is $40/hr for SEO and $20/hr for web design assistance.

  • Do I need to pay anything up-front?

    Yes. After you receive your quote you'll need to pay your invoice before services are rendered.

  • What are your payment options?

    As of right now we are only excepting credit cards.

  • Can I keep my current SEO provider?

    Yes! We've designed SEO SEMPER to not only be an efficient small business SEO solution on its own, but also a product that supports one's current SEO efforts. Our plans are designed to work alongside almost any SEO strategy, covering what's often neglected by typical agencies

  • Do you work with agencies or offer white label?

    Sorry, we no longer work with agencies or offer any of our services under white label. Since we're trying to disrupt the industry, it would defeat our purpose to have our services marked up, therefore we only work directly with small businesses. If you offer similar services or are a direct competitor, then we will no longer be able to assist you.

  • How long does it take to rank?

    There are various factors to consider from: the industry you're in, how competitive your niche is, the health of your technical SEO, to: what pages your keyphrases are ranking for and if you've run link building campaigns for them, and a whole lot more constantly changing factors! On average though, if one already has established rankings, it can take between 1-6 months to start reaping the benefits of your average SEO campaign, but this always depends on the niche. If one is not already ranking for any terms then it could take anywhere between 3-9 months to start seeing a real ROI. However, at SEO SEMPER we tend to set our clients up for much easier wins and thus our clients see a much quicker ROI on average, but this ultimately relies on one's niche.

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