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Small business web design from the bull city to yours

SEO SEMPER is a web design company in Durham, NC specializing in non-WordPress web design. We develop websites that are as beautiful and functional as they are easy to learn. It's our goal to help small businesses get online quickly and efficiently throughout the entire digital journey (web design, customer relationship management, and search marketing) regardless of physical location. We accomplish this through our cost-efficient buy-it-now services, a do it right the first time attitude, and a dash of experience and skill. So whether you're looking to attract new clients, increase sales, or expand awareness, our team of mind-reading web design experts are ready to deliver a one-of-a-kind website experience for your target audience in as little as 10 days! All of our websites are mobile-first designed with both user experience and user interface in mind and are easily found by search engines.

We're uncomplicating web design one small business at a time.

  • Quick-buy

    More web design services you need, and less you don't, all available with a single click.

  • No meetings

    Control costs by eliminating the traditional agency sales pitch and back & forth.

  • Just perfect

    Our team of mind-reading web designers will turn your vision into a gleaming reality!

How it works

Our Web Design Services

we offer convenient and affordable web design services


Pick a Service

After choosing "Buy it now" you will be redirected to a short questionnaire unique to your purchase. This is where we gather any service-related prerequisites.


Fulfill Requirements

Next, you'll be alerted by email of an invoice available to pay inside our client portal. After we receive your payment we'll start working on your order immediately.


Await Delivery

You'll receive an email notification when your order has been completed, normally within 10 to 25 days, depending on the size of your website and any extras.

order a small website



hosting renews @ $99/yr

Quick turnaround!
Get your business online, launch an advertising campaign, or create a microsite with a landing page website.

  • Features

    ● Strategically Structured Based on Your Materials, SEO, and UX/UI Design Principles.
    ● Unique Custom Design
    ● 1yr Premium Hosting
    ● 1 Page
    ● Stock Images ● Blog Setup
    ● 2 Revisions
    ● Search Ready
    * Up to 10 working days

order a medium website



hosting renews @ $99/yr

Top seller
A traditional multi-page website with several sections. Suitable for companies with various products and services.

  • Features

    ● Strategically Structured Based on Your Materials, SEO, and UX/UI Design Principles.
    ● Unique Custom Design
    ● 1yr Premium Hosting
    ● Up to 10 Pages ● Stock Images
    ● Blog Setup
    ● 2 Revisions
    ● Search Ready
    * Up to 15 working days

order a large website



hosting renews @ $99/yr

Great for eCommerce
A larger multi-page website with several sections. Suitable for companies with a lot of products and services.

  • Features

    ● Strategically Structured Based on Your Materials, SEO, and UX/UI Design Principles.
    ● Unique Custom Design
    ● 1yr Premium Hosting
    ● Up to 20 Pages ● Stock Images ● Blog Setup
    ● 5 Revisions
    ● Search Ready
    * Up to 25 working days

web design extras

Web Design Support


per hour

After design approval
Need additional design revisions? Custom code installed? Or do you Need help adding new pages, products, content, or media to your website?

  • Services

    ● Professional Copywriting
    ● Product/Category Information
    ● Additional Premium Hand-picked HD Images
    ● Custom Coding & Custom CSS * 1/2 Hour Minimum, (roughly 4 pictures, or 2 videos, or about 200 words including research)

high resolution logo design

High-Res Logo Design


Revisions included
Have some colors and a vision? We can help bring your ideas to life in ultra-high resolution. Ideal for both real-world printing or online viewing!

  • Features

    ● Made by Humans!● 2 Initial Concepts● Approx. 300 DPI● Approx. 5400px● Commercial Use● Unique Design● Royalty-free● Transparent● 2 Revisions * Up to 2 working days* $20/additional revision

Testimonial Automation and Social Proof for Your Website

Testimonial Automation


per year

Integration included
Get more testimonials on more platforms by automating the collection and displaying of online testimonials on your website.

  • Features

    ● Encourage the duplication of reviews ● Google, Facebook, Yelp, Tripadvisor, Trustpilot, Capterra, G2 and more!
    ● Pre-fill forms based on data you already hold
    ● Supercharge Local SEO
    ● Build Brand Trust
    ● Convert More Sales
    ● 40,000 monthly visitors
    ● Unlimited testimonials
    ● Review Marketing
    ● Testimonial wall
    ● Social Proof Popups
    ● FOMO Popups
    ● Import Option
    ● Smart Avatars
    ● Incentivised requests
    ● Custom domain
    ● No branding

GDPR and CCPA Compliance Solution for Your Website



per year

Have European Visitors?
We provide attorney-level solutions to make your website compliant with laws across multiple countries and legislations an ease.

  • Features

    ● Terms and Conditions
    ● Privacy Policy
    ● Cookie Policy
    ● Cookie Solution with 40,000 Monthly Prior Consent Views
    ● Internal Privacy Management
    ● 100% Customizable
    ● Get Ready For Virginia's CDPA!

Unlimited CRM and LMS Suite for Your Website

Premium CRM & LMS Suite


per month

Incl. SEO SEMPER Setup
Finally, a truly unlimited all-in-one business management suite that integrates with your website, replacing a dozen essential apps.

  • Features

    ● Secure Client Portals
    ● Advanced File Exchange
    ● CRM/Client Management ● Learning Management System
    ● Custom Client On-Boarding
    ● Appointment Scheduling
    ● Project Management
    ● Time Tracking & Billing
    ● Cloud-Based Proposals
    ● Estimate & Invoicing
    ● Contracts & eSigning
    ● Custom Embeddable Forms
    ● Privacy Compliant Email & Drip Marketing
    ● Real Time Team Chat
    ● Custom Branding
    ● Key Integrations● We'll include initial setup and integration with SEO SEMPER hosted websites!

premium google cloud hosting

Premium Google Hosting


per year

Unlimited storage!
Unlimited lighting fast Google Cloud Hosting for your website. Save up to $97/yr over Wix, built-in CRM, free tier available!

  • Features

    ● Unlimited Google Cloud
    ● Cache, minify, & CDN
    ● Image optimization
    ● Lazy load
    ● Full SSL security
    ● Rich snippets
    ● Stock images 
    ● Popular Integrations
    ● Worry-free backups
    ● Built-in CRM
    ● Free tier

hosting special for businesses

Business Hosting Special


per year

Limited time only!
Receive Testimonial Automation, Priority Support, and lock in GDPR & CCPA Legal Compliance valued at $558/yr!

  • Features

    ● Testimonial Automation Included!
    ● Complete GDPR/CCPA Legal Compliance
    ● Priority Chat Support
    ● Unlimited Google Cloud
    ● Cache, minify, & CDN
    ● Image optimization
    ● Lazy load
    ● Full SSL security
    ● Rich snippets
    ● Stock images 
    ● Popular Integrations
    ● Worry-free backups
    ● Built-in CRM
    ● Free tier

What to expect

Our 4-Step Web Design Process


Step 1. Place an Order

You'll be presented with a detailed order-specific form where we'll gather all the information needed to complete your request, text, colors, logo, company-specific media, and verbiage, etc. Our goal is to get as much information upfront as possible to really capture your vision the first time without a lot of initial back and forth. As soon as we receive payment we'll start working on your order immediately. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of opportunities to make revisions if necessary.


Step 2. Evaluate Design(s)

We'll provide you with an initial mockup as soon as possible, normally within 3 workings days. When the mockup is ready, you'll be contacted via your SEO SEMPER portal where we'll request you to either review, approve, or request any revisions to the website within 5 days. You'll have from 2 to 5 revisions depending on the size of the package you purchased, and each you avail will take 2-3 working days to complete.


Step 3. Order Extras & Addons

After we complete the final design touches, your website login will be sent to you via email. It'll be your job to go in and add any copywriting that wasn't provided upfront and make any last-minute changes. Do not fear, the website editor is highly intuitive, but if you do find yourself needing additional assistance, we'd be happy to continue to assist you on an hourly basis. To schedule this, simply place an order for "Web Design Support" under "Design Extras." If you want to integrate a customer relationship management program (CRM) with your website, this would also be a good time to set that up as well.


Step 4. Go Live!

● Connect a domain you own or purchase one from inside your website● Start creating social profiles with your new website URL● Enable visibility in search results● Add your sitemap to Google● Add your sitemap to Bing● See our SEO services● Revisit design extras and addons

Why Hire Us?

Your trusted webmaster

  • Built with SEO in mind

    Our fully SEO-ready responsive designs are created with a search-engine-friendly mobile-first approach. After your website is complete, we'll be here ready to assist with content, media, and search engine optimization services because even in web design, SEO SEMPER is "SEO always."

  • Artboard 9

    Proven design philosophies

    Powered by TemplateMonster, a leading website templates provider, we combine 15 years of expertise in user interface and user experience design with top-notch technologies used by leading online giants like Airbnb to communicate your goals using the latest in web standards.

  • Small business friendly

    We understand that small businesses are often tight operations, we are one, that's why we're taking on the big box brands with a focus on quality over quantity, straightforward deliverables, and aggressive upfront pricing that puts money back into the local community. We won't stop until everyone who wants a website has one!

  • No plugin or maintenance fees

    Unlike other website designers in Durham that thrive on repairing buggy WordPress themes and plugins that need to work in harmony, but rarely do, everything in our website ecosystem is native and works right out of the box. So say goodbye to premium plugin upsells, and endless WordPress security fixes, SEO SEMPER's got your back!

  • Do you do WordPress sites?

    Not anymore. Too many bugs, too many plugins, too many over-used themes. Our alternative CMS is a far better value than WordPress will ever be, and no, this ain't your grandaddy's Godaddy site builder!

  • Can you create an online store?

    Yes absolutely! Post products, accept payments and even manage inventory and clients with the built-in CRM, but we highly recommend our premium CRM for service-based organizations.

  • Have a money back guarantee?

    If you are not satisfied with the quality of SEO SEMPER's design services, you can request a full refund before the second iteration of revisions are approved. If the order is approved and transferred the project is considered closed, and the funds spent on its development are non-refundable. The only exception to the money-back guarantee are the "Web Design Extras," which are non-refundable.

  • What if I don't like the initial mockup?

    Given enough information at signup, we're extremely talented at bringing visions to life, almost mind-reader-like (but not in a scary way)! However, when our visions differ, do not fear, depending on your package, clients have up to 5 revisions until we get to something that's as perfect as you envisioned. So if you are not satisfied with the design of the home page, we will take your comments into account, select new references, and ask our designer will make another version of the page based on any new information you've provided.

  • In total how many site versions can I review?

    Up to three for Small and Medium website packages (initial mockup, revision 1, revision 2), and up to 6 for Large websites (initial mockup, revision's 1-5).

  • Are there any risks?

    Zero! We had your best interests in mind when we made the move to our new CMS platform. Not only do we think it's lightyears better than Wix, we think it'll replace most WordPress sites too. Powered by Template Monster, a leading template provider, you're website's backed up to a third party in case you wish to do business with someone else.

  • Why your copywriting?

    Our passionate and highly educated in-house writers are trained to utilize the latest research tools such as Frase.io to build the best content for both your readers and search engines.

  • Do you offer any bulk discounts?

    Yes, if you need more than one website we can come up with something more custom for your needs. Please contact us directly to inquire.

  • Any additional fees or hidden costs?

    The price indicated on this site includes both site development and site hosting, however, it's important to note that your hosting subscription will auto-renew after 1 year has passed. You can learn more about our premium hosting service and how it compares to the competition here.

  • What do you mean by "search ready?"

    By "search ready" we mean that all SEO SEMPER sites are easily indexable by search engines. Each site comes with an optimized structure that aligns with the needs of search engine crawlers, speed optimizations, image optimization, secure HTTPS, a system to fully control SEO-friendly meta tags, customized structured data (schema markups), URL redirect systems, an XML sitemap, and a slew of popular integrations like Google Analytics. 

  • Is there anything that isn't initially included?

    Non-website-design content such as logos, and copywriting are not included and should be provided up-front during the order process if applicable. Most companies, at a minimum, have a mission statement, a couple of company-specific photos, product/service descriptions, and "about us" information pre-drafted for us to copy and paste into relevant sections during the design process. If you don't have these materials upfront then we'll do our best to work off what you've given us. Copywriting can be purchased as a support service under "Design Extras," after the final design is approved and transferred over to you.

Compare Top Web Design Services in Durham, NC

by average local organic search ranking in the top 5*last updated May 2021


    $20/hr$320/10 pages

    Penner Web Design

    $85/hr$500/10 pages

    Kompleks Creative

    -$700-$900/10 pages

    Carbo Creative

    $1,300/10 pages

    Oak City Technology

    $130/hr$2,800/10 pages


    $20/hr$320/10 pages

  • Penner Web Design

    $85/hr$500/10 pages

  • Kompleks Creative

    -$700-$900/10 pages

  • Carbo Creative

    $1,300/10 pages

  • Oak City Technology

    $130/hr$2,800/10 pages

Our work

View the month's featured project and samples

MBHW logo design
web design sample
high resolution logo design
web design sample 2

What is mobile-first design and why do I need it?

"Mobile-first design" is a relatively new approach to Web design that Google's been pushing for several years now that focuses on providing an identical experience on both mobile and desktop. Until recently, designing for mobile devices was a second thought for most Web designers. The common practice was to design first for a desktop computer, then shrink the site down for mobile devices. Mobile-first design turns this process on its head by asking, what do people need when they are on the go, and how can we design our sites to meet those needs? The idea stems from the fact that the vast majority of web traffic is now generated via mobile devices, and Google wants to make sure that it returns the best possible experience to the greatest number of users possible. 

mobile-first web design

So, if you want your Durham business's website to rank well in the search engines of today and tomorrow, then you need to focus on the mobile experience first, which is exactly what we do here at SEO SEMPER. We build the website's design in mobile view, then adapt it responsively to desktop, kind of backward right? In fact, even our testimonial automation and CRM suite are both designed with a premium mobile-first experience in mind.

How to get your small business on the internet

Durham businesses need web design

In the future, customers even won't consider a business open if it doesn't have a website, let alone have its operating hours posted online.

Other than the obvious, which is creating a website or having a website created for you, here are a few items you're going to need to knock off your to-do-list ASAP.
● Register your company on Google my Business. Be sure to select the right primary category for your business. If unsure, start by Googling "YourCity YourIndustry."

Google My Business Category Selection

I suggest you take a look at the GMB categories your competitors are using for your important local niche queries such as this one for SEO SEMPER here in the city of Durham. You can tell it's a local query because of the local 3-pack above the organic search results.

● Selecting a proper domain name is one of the first major internet decisions new businesses will make. Generally, domains should be short, easy to remember, never contain special characters, and end in .com. One thing to keep in mind is that there is absolutely NO benefit to putting keywords in your domain name if they are not part of your business name. Although you can buy and connect a domain through our platform, we recommend you do a Google search for the cheapest 1st-year domain registrar promo you can find (normally namecheap) and transfer it to Cloudflare's at-cost registrar as soon as possible! Any time remaining time you've paid for will be transferred and added to Cloudflare.
● I also recommend you set up a company email address as soon as possible. No one wants to do serious business with someone using a Gmail account, do they? I recommend Google Workspace for all the extra business tools, but you can use namecheap for affordable email as well.
● Start creating your social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. If you don't have a logo we can help you with that. We hand build better more affordable logos than you can get with Wix's A.I. For more information on how our service compares to Wix's, see our hosting comparison page.
● Next, we recommend you start creating local citations on the major players such as Yelp, Apple Maps, Angie's List, and Foursquare. You can learn where to find additional quality local citation sites here.

How do I locate a Website Designer?

If you are looking for a Web Designer, rest assured that finding one should be relatively easy. I'd recommend you start by Googling "YourCity Web Design" and something like "Web Design YourCity State." In this case, we're looking up Durham web design and right off the bat, we've got a few prospects to scope out.

Durham Web Design

The results you see will vary by location, but any local Raleigh or Durham Web Design service with a positive rating is worth looking into, that is if you're into the WordPress ecosystem. If you want something more user-friendly than WordPress, then SEO SEMPER's really your only alternative in the area.

How to select the right web design expert?

With so many ways to make a website, it can be confusing sorting through the options and figuring out which designer is right for your business. Would you prefer a web designer who focuses on user experience design? Or are you interested in hiring a team that specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? How about both!? Understanding the different types of web designers—and what they offer—can help you choose the right match for your business. If you have a significant enough budget, then a specialty designer with experience in your business sector can help to ensure that your website is hyper-relevant. Lastly, it pays to see samples. Be sure to pay attention to the layout and design aesthetics of these examples, as well as how easy they are for you to navigate. A great web designer will have the knowledge and experience to combine your vision accurately with the expectations of a searcher. Remember though, none of this matters if your customers can't find you online, so it's important to select a web designer who's knowledgeable in website structure from a search perspective.

website designer

Other considerations

While there are a number of web design companies in the Research Triangle, not all of them can provide the sound search engine optimization your website is ultimately going to need. Similarly, there a number of SEO providers in the Triangle without an ounce of design creativity as it relates to website structure. So it's best to work with a Durham web designer that can create harmony between website design and online marketing design like SEO SEMPER.
With more than 30 years of combined experience in both the design and online marketing industries, we have the skills and expertise to create a user-friendly website that will allow you to reach a wider audience.

Is hiring a Web Designer worth it or even needed?

A good website is a highly effective and highly important means of advertising. Not only is it a great way to show your potential customers what you have to offer, but it can also be a tool to get more value out of your customers. Let's face it, first impressions matter right? A website, or some type of search for your company information such as on Google Maps, is often a customer's first touchpoint with a business. Google Maps listings without websites are often scrolled past, and websites without style have high bounce rates for a reason. Customers these days just won't take you seriously without a modern website!
So, if you want to appear relevant and professional to your target consumers, then you want a site that is both attractive and easy to navigate, but I have a news flash for you, this isn't something a novice can do. Nope, Wix can't save you here! I don't have enough fingers or toes to count how many terrible websites I've seen created on that platform, and how many customers have thanked us for steering them in a better direction. You see, when you combine a professional web designer with the right platform for both the designer and the customer, everyone wins.
Despite all this, there are still many business people who continue to overlook the importance of a web presence. These misinformed business owners operate under the belief that social media and directories like Yelp are adequate replacements for a proper website. But in reality, next to having a word-of-mouth reputation in your community, and communicating with your customer base, a modern website is going to be your gateway to online success. I'm 100% convinced that if these individuals were to experience the power of a properly designed website, rather than the thrown-together information portals they're used to, that their options would be forever changed.

businesses are invisible without a website

A proper website can increase traffic to your door, helping you grow your business and clientele, but remember, today's consumers will look the other way in lieu of a professional-looking and user-friendly website experience.

The UX/UI Design Aspect

Your website should be easy to use, navigate, and find online, but statistically, this isn't the case when companies try to build their own websites. The quality of the website user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) is an important forgotten aspect in the success or failure of a website. This is because the most important objective of a website is to successfully accomplish the goals of the business and to do so in a way that provides the best user experience possible, but oftentimes business owners get sidetracked on what they want rather than what the customer expects.

UX/UI Design

Only an experienced website designer can give you and your business the design insight into how users interact with various components of a website. Perhaps this is why bounce rates are so high for so many WordPress sites? It makes sense considering so many websites are all using the same lame templates and page-slowing plugins over and over.

So should I hire a web designer or not?

From increased conversions, user experience, and brand image, to decreased bounce rates, and headaches, hiring a professional to build your website isn't a necessity, it's a HUGE advantage! To put it simply, if you're not hiring a professional to manage your digital presence then your competitors are going to cash in on that fact. Don't worry, you don't need to spend a fortune on website design to be successful! Our web design services bundle design and hosting into an affordable solution that YOU can manage without paying annoying recurring maintenance fees.

How to avoid paying too much for web design

● Don't get locked into monthly maintenance retainers● Don't utilize WordPress plugin upgrades you don't need● Avoid WordPress web designers all together● Avoid costly WordPress alternatives like Wix● Find and upload your own royalty-free media● Do your own copywriting

We're here for YOU!

Founded in a small neighborhood right here in Durham, SEO SEMPER was built to help the little guy, the struggling small business entrepreneur. There's absolutely no better time than now, during a worldwide pandemic, to let SEO SEMPER get your local business online, don't worry, it's going to be as awesome as it is affordable!