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Hi, I'm Derek, my web design services help Durham, NC startups like yours build beautiful, responsive, non-WordPress websites that convert.



Our cost-efficient web design and SEO services will get your website up, running, and successful sooner.

  • No plugin or maintenance fees

    Say goodbye to monthly maintenance fees, and annual plugin subscriptions when everything works in harmony to bring your customers the experience they deserve.

  • Small business friendly

    We understand small businesses, we are one, which is why we're committed to not only value but that unique mom-and-pop feel, NOT overused WordPress templates.

  • No-hassle and stress-free

    Typical web design services are time-consuming at best and downright stressful at worse. Sit back and relax as our mind-reading web designers turn your vision into reality.

  • Proven design philosophies

    Trained by a leading landing page provider, we combine over 15 years of conversion page data and UX/UI design expertise with today's most useful online technologies.


Affordable Small Business Web Design

An economical quick-buy custom web design package



Google cloud hosting renews @ $99/yr

    Page(s) by template
    Proven Tested Designs
    Uploading of Your Logo
    SEO team at fingertips
    Our Stock Images Only
    Our Stock Icons Only
    Your Photos as Provided
    Our Animations Only
    Pop-ups by Template
    Backgrounds by Template
    Intuitive DIY Site Editor
    Cache, CDN, Lazy Load etc.
    Uploading Your Content
    Additional $15/200 Words
    Up to 15 Working Days
    $50/Additional Revision



Google cloud hosting renews @ $99/yr

    Up to 7 Custom Pages
    Strategic UX/UI Design
    Text Logo SVG Format
    Designed With SEO in Mind
    Edited Stock Images
    Exclusively Designed Icons
    Photos Match Site Style
    CSS and JS Animations
    Create 1-3 Pop-ups
    Gradients & Complex Shapes
    Intuitive DIY Site Editor
    Cache, CDN, Lazy Load etc.
    Uploading Your Content
    Additional $15/200 Words
    Up to 30 Working Days
    Up to 3 Work Revisions


Our 3-Step Web Design Process

How we develop professional looking custom websites without all the hassle

Order a Monthly SEO Package

Step 1. Place an Order

Our order form is where we gather the information needed to complete your project such as text, colors, logo, company-specific media, and verbiage, etc. Our goal is to get as much information upfront as possible to capture your vision the first time without a lot of back and forth.

Order a Monthly SEO Package

Step 2. Evaluate Design(s)

We'll provide you with an initial mockup as soon as possible, normally within 3 workings days. When the mockup is ready, you'll be contacted via your SEO SEMPER portal where we'll request you to either review, approve, or request any revisions to the website within 5 days. You'll have up to 2 revisions, any availed will take 2-3 working days to complete.

Order a Monthly SEO Package

Step 3. Go Live!

Upon completion, your website login will be sent to you via email. It'll be your job to go in and make any last-minute changes. Do not fear, the website editor is highly intuitive, but if you do find yourself needing additional assistance, we'd be happy to assist you on an hourly basis. When you're ready, let us know and we'll enable visibility in search results.

Our work

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2021 Web Design Pricing in Durham, NC

Did you know that although SEO SEMPER is a top web design service in Durham, NC we're 3x more affordable?

Web design pricing in Durham, NC
Derek Cummings Website Designer in Durham, NC
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Reaching your target audience may require a brand refresh.

Building a solid brand backed up by a modern website is now paramount as web design and SEO promise to coincide in 2021.

Core Web Vitals

"This signal measures aspects of how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page. Optimizing for these factors will contribute to business success on the web as users grow more engaged and can transact with less friction, especially on mobile."

- Google 2021


"Public relations and omnichannel promotion should be a focus, such as being active on YouTube, social media, blogging, conferences, and remarketing to build connections and long-lasting relationships."
-Neil Patel 2021

Mobile-first Indexing

Google's been slowly making the mobile version of websites their starting point for its index and the baseline for determining rankings. That's why our websites are not just "mobile-responsive," they are literally built for mobile-first and expand to larger screens as an afterthought.



Google has invested heavily since 2020 in its own spam-fighting AI that's highly effective at catching known and unknown trends in link schemes and on-page spam. In 2021 alone, Google has released two separate spam updates, so ethical SEO is going to be essential moving forward.

Derek from SEO SEMPER


Have any Questions?

We are happy to work with entrepreneurs of any scale.

  • Can we meet prior to placing an order?

    To keep our prices the lowest in the area, we've eliminated all the sales pitches and back-and-forth that's common among typical agencies. Our mind-reading design team takes the hassle out of traditional web design by confidently bringing your described vision to life. Although we can address all your concerns over chat, if a meeting is essential, I recommend you first schedule an SEO consultation with me to get on the right track early, and for a special discount on your site's design.
    ^ Revisit our process

  • What if I don't like the initial mockup?

    If you are not satisfied with the design of the initial mockup, we'll take your comments into account, and our designer will make another version of the main page. Our goal is to have a baseline before we start designing the rest of the site.

  • *Do you offer any guarantees?

    If you are not satisfied with the quality of our web design services, you can request a full refund before the second iteration of edits is approved. If the site design is approved and transferred to your account on our platform, the project is considered closed, and the funds spent on its development are non-refundable.

  • Are there any limitations?

    Our developer is constantly updating and adding new features, optimizations, and integrations. Currently, there is no way to transfer your SEO SEMPER site to a third party, however, you own everything and can copy the design elsewhere if so desired.

  • What can I expect?

    Please see our process breakdown above, or click here.

  • What's your rate?

    $50/hour for additional web design support ( 1/2hr min.).


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