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Hi, I'm Derek, a web designer in Durham, NC. If you're serious about standing out in an ocean of endless online competition, you need more than a glorified business card. You need a website that is optimized for conversions.


Don't Disappear

"Fewer Than 5% of websites maintain first-page rankings for a whole year." Trust SEO SEMPER to rank your website where you need it, and keep it there. Since 2020, we've been the most consistent digital marketing company in Durham, NC.
- Semrush 2023

Get Clicks

"Around 90.63% of all content on the Internet gets zero visits from Google. In other words, most web pages never reach their target audience." Ranking is one thing, but getting users to click on your website is another.
- Ahrefs 2020

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More Conversions

Did you know that around 70% of small businesses don’t have properly placed CTAs on their websites? If you're not getting the correct audience in front of your website, then it won't matter anyway. We'll ensure that your website is an inbound marketing powerhouse!



Small business owners who go the DIY or freelance routes often suffer heavily from spam. Google has continued to invest heavily in its own spam-fighting AI that's designed to catch both known and unknown trends in link schemes and on-page spam, so consider hiring a pro!

OUR SMALL BUSINESS Web Design Services in Greater Durham

We'll bring you Durham or greater Triangle area service business to life with affordable website design!

Hourly Design

$50/hr1-hour minimum

If you need additional webmaster hours outside of our normal deliverables, these types of requests can be arranged on demand.

  • Features

    ● Additional Pages● Logo Design● Videos● Etc.

Web Design and SEO


We build SEO-friendly websites that convert visitors into customers.

  • Features

    ● Copywriting included @ 1 pg/m● Ongoing content optimization● Additional 1-hour SEO or CRM● GBP optimization and posts● Local citation management● Link outreach (+$200/m)● Local citation management● Sticky buttons and popups● Cache, CDN, SSL, Lazyload● Unlimited Branded CRM!● High-converting designs● Testimonial automation*● Power page promotion● On-demand reporting● Call tracking support*● Cookie compliance● And more!


$245/m+$199 1x setup

Add call tracking support, GDPR/CPRA/VCDPA compliance, and our unlimited integrated CRM that replaces $1,700 in tools.

  • Features

    ● Track calls & texts to their source● 100 min/month then $0.06/min● Website integration included● 1 new form, or integration/m● Various 3rd-party integrations● Estimate, invoices, & payments● Integratied email marketing● Transfer files & messages● Project, task, & time mgt.● Custom branded portal● 2 TB of file storage● Secure client login● Call back support

Additional Benefits

Outstanding Value

Web development usually goes one of two ways, either cheap and terrible, or expensive and wasteful.

More Online Reviews

Showcase your small business in style with our 100% branded and integrated online review management.

Integrated Marketing

Not only do you have your personal website designer, but you've also got a local SEO team at your fingertips.

Ease of use

Say goodbye to your developer, no more yearly plugin subscriptions or endless website "maintenance" fees.

100% Branded CRM

Send estimates, sign contracts, and take online payments from inside your own custom-branded client portal!

Speed & Reliability

Thanks to our unlimited Google Cloud hosting, our websites are as speedy to load as they are to customize.


Our 6-Step Low-friction Process

We take a holistic approach to website design from conversion rate optimization to inbound marketing.

Web Design and SEO Onboarding Questionnaire

1. Place a Website Order

Our sales process is perfect for busy small business owners, no meetings are required!

ahrefs topic mapping

2. Industry Topic Research

No matter your industry, as long as you have a service in at least 1 city and a GBP we can help!

Web Design Mockup Feedback

3. Evaluate Design(s)

Use our comment mode to request revisions. You'll be invited to the site upon final approval.


4. Search Engine Optimization

Testimonials, meta, internal linking, citations, passive backlinks, schema, and technical SEO.

Content Optimization

5. Content Marketing

Ongoing city pages, sections, or pillar content, optimization, and relentless content promotion.

we provide ongoing support from inside your website

6. Estimates and Contracts

Send estimates, sign contracts, and take online payments with your branded client portal/CRM.

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions we've got answers.

Website Design

  • How long does it take to go live?

    Generally, we'll be able to complete the website before the end of the first month. This is entirely dependent on how quickly we receive your feedback.

  • Do you serve all local services?

    No. Please see our list of industries

  • How many revisions do I get?

    We'll seek your feedback on an initial design mockup on the main page within the first week, followed by two rounds of weekly edits. You'll be asked to comment on and/or approve the designs within 5 days, any revisions availed could take a few days to complete.

  • Do you offer any guarantees?

    If you are not satisfied with the quality of our design services, we ask that you request a refund during the initial mockup stage. If the site design is approved and transferred to your account on our platform, the funds spent on research and development are non-refundable.

  • Are there any limitations?

    Our developer is constantly updating and adding new features, optimizations, and integrations. Currently, like Wix, there is no way to transfer your SEO SEMPER site to a third party, however, you own everything, and can copy the design manually if desired.

  • Are there any perquisites?

    ● Your company must have at least one physical location in or around your target market, and it must have a registered Google Business Profile.● Please prepare plenty of company copy and pre-sized media files. We'll draft text and use stock images in places where it isn't provided upfront.● You'll need to activate a free Cloudflare account for use with your domain, but we recommend you also transfer your domain to their at-cost registrar. Not only will this give you the best at-cost domain registration, but will open the door for more customization, and give us standardized access to DNS.

Search Engine Optimization

  • How does call tracking work?

    We'll set up a local number that allows us to track your ROI. At the end of the month, we'll bill you separately for $0.06/min. At least one number is required, there's no setup fee or charge for the number itself.

  • Do you have an SEO only plan?

    In short, no. We need to control the website to guarantee results.

  • How long does it take to rank?

    We ask that you give the SEO time to work, typically 4-12 months, this is entirely dependent on your existing website and domain situation, as well as the proximity of your branch location(s) to your target markets.

  • What is content optimization?

    We monitor Google Search Console for opportunities to combine and/or refresh articles based on how the search engine understands them and ensure they are as optimized to solve search intent as possible. We'll also proactively look for decay across the domain and rewrite pages to better position them over the top keyword competition.

  • What is content promotion?

    We'll promote your best articles (especially those which solve an industry problem) to various paid content promotion networks for targeted traffic, and install custom code on your website that will encourage backlinking on both blogs and social media.

  • Are results permanent?

    While careful planning, branding, and optimizing for humans can help websites stay ahead of Google's algorithms, it's important to note that nothing is necessarily set-it-and-forget-it in SEO, so we should be revisiting our analytics from time to time as the market changes.


Latest Web Design Projects

From multi-state businesses to microsites, new projects to re-designs, we'll bring your vision to life.


Areas we service in the greater Durham area

  • Durham County

    In-person web consultations are available in the following cities. See what web design services we can offer in a city near you: Durham  Chapel Hill

  • Orange County

    In-person web consultations are available in the following cities. See what web design services we can offer in a city near you: Chapel Hill  Hillsborough

  • Wake County

    In-person web consultations are available in the following cities. See what web design services we can offer in a city near you: Cary  Morrisville  Raleigh

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