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  • Derek Cummings

    Derek Cummings


    June 5, 2024
    Durham, NC

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for Web Design and SEO in the Triangle?


Three years ago in 2021, I did a study on the total cost of web design and SEO right here in the Research Triangle, this is also where I'll be providing an update for 2024.

In this blog post, I'll outline what I originally found, and eventually update this article on how much the market has changed over the last couple of years. I'm thinking we may be surprised!

Web Design

How Much Does Web Design Cost in the Triangle in 2024?

If you haven't found out already during the quote process, web design services can vary greatly, not just here in the Research Triangle. But why?
Agencies, designers, front-coders, and freelancers have different experience levels, offerings, and thus, costs. 
Some projects will be by the hour, while others will be by page, but outside of quality, your project requirements and customization preferences will ultimately determine the price you pay.
At SEO SEMPER, we value customization. Take this blog for example, the template was created by hand, so that has an additional cost associated with it.
● The cost of website design in the Triangle is about $120/hour but can range widely.● A typical 10-page website for a small business averages around $2,000 to start.● The average ongoing website maintenance cost is a staggering $250/m!

If you want something heavily customized, especially with a lot of custom coding, from my research, companies in the mid-market level can expect to pay upwards of $10,000 for a website, not including ongoing maintenance.
However, it's important to note, that we've had small business clients come to us with lackluster websites in this range with open legal disputes, so just because something is expensive doesn't mean it's quality.

How Much Do We Recommend Small Businesses Pay for a Website?

Well, the reality is that anyone with basic computer knowledge (everyone at this point?), could probably piece together something they're minimally happy with using no-code AI website builders like Wix.
So, I recommend you start with this formula:
(How much your time means to you) x (estimated amount of time it would take you to do it yourself) = Starting Price + budget for occasional freelance hires.
If you want an easy step-by-step on how to build a website from scratch, see this post, otherwise, continue reading. Either way, there are several hidden costs associated with websites that I'll cover next!


How Much Does Search Engine Optimization Cost in the Triangle?

This question really "depends" (pun intended). Don't look it up, it's not worth your time 😊.
Some companies consider filling out your metadata (think what people see in search results) as your SEO. Some will build your website and not touch the metadata at all, leaving it all up to Google until you sign up for a retainer while others are somewhere in between.
For those who actually conduct legit ongoing search engine optimization for your website, similar to website design, pricing varies depending on deliverables.
● Hourly SEO averaged around $150/hr● While monthly packages run around $1,000/m
Typically, your best bet is to score bundle pricing with an internet marketing package that fits your needs. Usually, these deals work by either including or spreading the cost of your website across a 12-month SEO contract.

While search engine optimization services don't usually have nearly as many hidden costs as website design services, there are a few questions we suggest you ask as it relates purely to price.
● How many pages do I get per month?● About how many words should I expect?● Explain how you'll use AI on my website.● Do you manage my GBP profile?● If so, what's included?● Is link building included?● If so, local citations or link outreach?● How often do I get a strategy call?● Is GA4 setup included?● How often do I get a report?● Do you have a guarantee?

How Much Do We Recommend Small Businesses Pay for a Website?

Typically, $500-$1,000/m is needed depending on how fast you want to grow, but if you have a new website in a tough niche, expect to pay thousands more upfront for building links from other sites to yours.

burning money on a website


The cost you can expect to pay for your project will depend on several factors, but hopefully, this research will help you understand if you're paying too little or too much.

Here's a graph from our 2021 research to help visualize all of this. Keep a lookout for our updated report for 2024, I'm excited to see how much the industry has changed in lite of both the economy and the advent of artificial intelligence, aren't you?

Web Design & SEO cost in the Triangle


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