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We're expert website designers serving Durham, NC and beyond with affordable mobile-first web design services for small businesses.

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    We're uncomplicating web design and development one small business at a time!

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    With the optimal website branding mix, we've got all the essentials covered!

Web Design is evolving

Building a website without considering input from your SEO team is brand suicide!

Building a solid brand backed up by a modern website is now paramount as website design and search engine optimization promise to coincide in 2021 and beyond.

Core Web Vitals

"This signal measures aspects of how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page. Optimizing for these factors will contribute to business success on the web as users grow more engaged and can transact with less friction, especially on mobile."
- Google 2021


"Google loves brands and subsequently, it loves to see brand queries. Public relations and omnichannel promotion should be a focus, such as being active on YouTube, social media, blogging, conferences, and remarketing to build connections and lasting relationships."
-Neil Patel 2021

Mobile-first Indexing

Google's been slowly making the mobile version of websites their starting point for its index and the baseline for determining rankings. That's why our websites are not just "mobile-responsive," they are literally built for mobile-first and expand to larger screens as an afterthought.



Google has invested heavily since 2020 in its own spam-fighting AI that's highly effective at catching known and unknown trends in both link schemes and on-page spam. In 2021 alone, Google has released two separate spam updates, so ethical SEO is going to be essential moving forward.

We've got it covered

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You'll be immediately presented with our web design order form where we'll gather all prerequisites.

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You'll be notified when a version is ready for revision. Meanwhile, complete the SEO onboarding form.



per month

    Up to 20 Custom Pages
    Strategic UX/UI Design
    Up to 5 Work Revisions
    100 Keywords Tracked
    1 Blog Copywriting/mo
    1 YouTube Video/mo
    2 Videos Optimized/mo
    Competitor Analysis
    Social Content Curation
    Content Promotion
    GMB Consultation/Plan
    Passive Backlink Setup
    10 Ethical Backlinks/mo
    Monthly Email Consulting
    Retargeting Pixel Ready
    eCommerce Ready
  • 2 Pages Optimized/mo

    ● On-going SEO Audit● Keyword Research● Heading Copywriting● Heading Tags● Meta Tags● Image Alt Tags● Internal Linking● Content/Blog Expansion

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What to expect

Our 4-Step Website Marketing Process

Order a Monthly SEO Package

Step 1. Place an Order

Our order form is where we gather all the information needed to complete your project such as text, colors, logo, company-specific media, and verbiage, etc. Our goal is to get as much information upfront as possible to capture your vision the first time without a lot of back and forth.

Order a Monthly SEO Package

Step 2. Evaluate Design(s)

We'll provide you with an initial mockup as soon as possible, normally within 3 workings days. When the mockup is ready, you'll be contacted via your SEO SEMPER portal where we'll request you to either review, approve, or request any revisions to the website within 5 days. You'll have up to 5 revisions, any availed will take 2-3 working days to complete.

Order a Monthly SEO Package

Step 3. Go Live!

Upon completion, your website login will be sent to you via email. It'll be your job to go in and make any last-minute changes. Do not fear, the website editor is highly intuitive, but if you do find yourself needing additional assistance, we'd be happy to assist you on an hourly basis. When you're ready, let us know and we'll enable visibility in search results.


Step 4. SEO Setup

All clients with live websites will be contacted via the portal and encouraged to fill out our search engine optimization and social media marketing onboarding forms if they haven't already. Upon successful completion of all essential onboarding procedures, we'll happily start working on optimizing your website for search engines monthly.

Why Hire Us?

Durham, NC's trusted website designers

  • 100% White hat SEO

    While other agencies can only try to make a backlink profile "look natural," selling you their latest outreach scam, we'll help you retain a strong natural backlink profile that'll never cause a link penalty. In our experience, when big businesses sell small businesses SEO, your SEO and SMM is likely to be just as terrible as it is overpriced!

  • Proven design philosophies

    Powered by TemplateMonster, a leading website templates provider, we combine over 15 years of expertise in UX/UI design and internet marketing with top-notch technologies used by leading online giants like Airbnb to communicate your company goals using the latest in web design standards with a focus on Google's core web vitals.

  • Small business friendly

    We understand small businesses, we are one, that's why we don't inflate our costs with white label SEO. Instead, our family-run digital marketing agency is taking on big-box brands with straightforward deliverables, aggressive upfront pricing, and quick-buy services that put money back into Durham communities where everyone wins.

  • No plugin or maintenance fees

    Say goodbye to plugin conflicts, maintenance bugs, and downtime when everything works in harmony to bring your customers the experience they deserve. Save on premium plugin subscriptions when everything from cache and CDN to image optimization and rich snippets is included on our unlimited Google Cloud Hosting.

Derek Cummings Web Designer Durham, NC

I've been building websites since, before the dot-com bubble, it all started with a used Smith Corona my grandmother picked up at the church thrift store. Over the past couple of decades, I've made every website design and branding mistake under the sun. Today, SEO SEMPER helps small businesses avoid the same pitfalls with affordable, ethical, low-friction solutions.

Derek Cummings | Web Designer, Durham, NC

Our work

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Durham's web design market in a nutshell

2021 Web Design Pricing Guide

Did you know that SEO SEMPER is 3x more affordable?

  • Premium cloud hosting is included in the price?

    Absolutely! Our goal is to provide all the digital marketing basics for one simple price, this way we can ensure your search engine optimization success from every angle, and hosting is no exception because even your hosting plan can impact your SEO these days.

  • When will I receive my first monthly report?

    Reports are delivered in arrears after the first full month following the completion of SEO onboarding, so if you complete SEO/SEM onboarding on January 3rd, you'll get your first report on February 3rd if it's a business day.

  • Do you offer these services individually?

    Not anymore, long gone are the days where optimizing poorly designed websites for SEO is even remotely productive. Over the years we've found it far more expensive for both parties involved to optimize bad websites for search, and with over 25% of all online sales coming from organic traffic, designing websites without including SEO only means losing more money. Bundling these services and working on websites we've built is allowing us to work far more efficiently and keep our prices the lowest in the industry while continuing to provide top-tier results that are in line with the latest in web standards.

  • Content curation and scheduling?

    We'll find the best times to share your blog content with your audience, and when you have nothing to share, we can keep engagement up with targeted hand-curated fill in content.

  • What about traditional PPC?

    While we don't offer PPC management at this time, we can however help you with PPC research. The honest truth is that because of improvements in Google's own ads AI, doing your companies own PPC is far easier than it's ever been before, so why is it so expensive? This is why we're working on a do-it-yourself PPC guide for small businesses who can't afford pricey traditional PPC management.

  • Passive backlink setup?

    We will add a couple of codes to your website in the back end that will encourage both in-text and image backlinks passively when combined with outstanding content, and at the same time enhance your site's rich snippets in search engine results pages.

  • Retargeting ready?

    We can help better guarantee the conversion rate of your online ads by targeting visitors who've viewed certain parts of your website or your buyer-optimized articles. This is accomplished by utilizing tracking pixels or cookies that follow the user around after they leave your website. While we don't create online ads, if you give us your pixel id we'll set up a custom domain-branded URL that you can put on your website to activate your pixels, we can do the installation for you if need be. Need help? You can learn more about how to set up Facebook's pixel here.

  • Can I transfer my site to another hosting provider?

    Since you own rights to everything, you can manually copy the content and design, however, automatic transfer to another host is not possible at this time. Honestly, our clients are so happy with our services that this has never come up as a problem for us before.

  • What can I expect from the blog copywriting?

    While other small business SEO companies advertise "blog copywriting," the 500-word fluff they offer isn't going to rank or build brand awareness. Instead, our focus for small businesses is to help you build powerful pieces of engaging content that'll help your local pages rank through exceptional internal linking and promotion.

  • How does the monthly SEO consulting work?

    We'll email you monthly digital marketing suggestions based on your current progress, discoveries made with our own eyes, and of course your monthly report. To keep our prices competitive we do not offer phone support at this time, however, if you need urgent help with something a phone call can sometimes be arranged.

  • Is SEO SEMPER right for our business?

    Our target customers range from startups looking to get online as cost-effectively as possible to established companies looking for a refresh in light of a web design disaster or SEO nightmare and busy small business owners alike. Our eCommerce solution and built-in CRM works well for almost any small business product, but when you need something a bit more powerful we also have a premium CRM solution available.

  • Have a money back guarantee?

    If you are not satisfied with the quality of SEO SEMPER's design services, you can request a full refund before the second iteration of revisions are approved. If the order is approved and transferred the project is considered closed, and the funds spent on its development are non-refundable.

  • What is an SEO audit?

    First, we'll analyze your website for every technical SEO issue known to man such as errors, missing tags, bounce rate, and CTR optimizations to name a few. Next, we'll use our very own eyes to recommend any user enhancements that can be made to improve SEO. 

  • Internal linking?

    Strategic internal linking using Google's own relevance indicators can provide a permanent rankings jump, passing on page authority from your better ranking pages to lesser ones, that's exactly what we're doing here. Not only do we find the relevant internal links, but we also find the optimal anchor text for SEO and place the links contextually where they make sense without keyword stuffing.